New Groups 2017-18

SDS announces its official opening dates for academic year 2017-18.

18th of September for previous years children and teenagers
25th of September for all beginners (Children-teenagers-adults)
2nd October for all previous years adults .

1st year of the General dance knowledge program (Greek,Latin and Hip-hop).

For kids ages (6-9 years-5 years kids on a trial basis)

Monday 15:15-17:00 Latsia
Tuesday 17:00-18:45 Strovolos
Wednesday 15:15-17:00 Strovolos
Thursday 15:15-17:00 Latsia
Friday 15.15-17.00 Makedonitissa
Friday 17.00-18.45 Nicosia
Saturday 09.45-11.30 Strovolos
For teenagers ages (10-16)
Friday 17.00-18.45 Strovolos
Saturday 09.45-11:30 Latsia
Saturday14.15-16.00 Strovolos (Karavas studio)
Saturday 16:00-17:45 Makedonitissa

Adults BEGINNERS CLASSES 25-30/9 registrations & FREE Introductory Class

Latin classes (Salsa-Bachata-Kizomba-Cha cha…)
Tuesday 19.00- 20.30 Latsia(Beginners) 
Wednesday 20.00-21.30 Strovolos(Beginners)
Thursday 20.00-21.30 Macedonitissa (Beginners)
Greek dances(Hasapiko,Zeibekiko,Syrtaki,…)
Monday 19.00-20.30 Strovolos(Beginners) 
Tuesday 20.00-21.30 Makedonitissa (Beginners)
Thursday 20.30-22.00 Strovolos (Beginner)
Monday 19.45-20.30 Strovolos (Beginners)
Tuesday 20.45-21.30 Macedonitissa(Beginners) 
Thursday 21.15-22.00 Strovolos (Beginner) 
Wednesday 18.40-19.30 Strovolos (Beginners)
Tuesday 20:15-21:30 Nicosia (Beginners)
Thursday 20.15-21.30 Nicosia (Beginners) 
Heels Class -for more info please call Natalie/96598801
Saturday 16.30-18.30 Nicosia ALL LEVELS 
Tuesday 18.40-19.30 Strovolos (ALL LEVELS) Ladies technique
Monday 18.10-19.00 Strovolos (ALL LEVELS)

NEW TRIBE project (Mike Faya, Maureen, Lucas & Debora)
Tuesday 19.00- 20.30 Latsia (Beginners)
Tuesday 19.30-20.30 Latsia (Intermediate) 
Tuesday 20.30-21.45 Latsia (Intermediate)
Thursday 18.00-18.45 Strovolos(hip-hop)
Thursday 19.30-20.30 Strovolos(Salsa ladies styling)
Thursday 20.30-22.00 Strovolos (Advanced)
Friday 19.00-20.30 Nicosia ( Advanced) Performance group New tribe from November
Saturday 16.00-17.00 Strovolos (Ballroom-Latin ladies)
Saturday 17.15-18.00 Strovolos (hip-hop) 

i-Tango project - for more info please call Michalis/99352605
Tuesday 20:15-21:30 Nicosia (Beginners)
Wednesday 19:30-20:30 Nicosia (Intermediate) 
Wednesday 20:30-21:30 Nicosia (Advanced) 
Thursday 19.15-20.15 Nicosia (Improvers)
Thursday 20.15-21.30 Nicosia (Beginners)
(Saturday Women’s and Men’s Technique Classes from November -more details coming soon)

Latin dances (Salsa-Bachata-Kizomba-Cha cha…)
Monday 20.45-22.15 Strovolos (Intermediate)
Tuesday 19.00- 20.30 Latsia(Beginners)
Tuesday 19.30-20.30 Latsia (Intermediate)
Tuesday 20.30-21.45 Latsia Iintermetiade)
Tuesday 20.30-22.00 Strovolos(Εlementary)
Wednesday 20.00-21.30 Strovolos(Beginners
Thursday 19.30-20.30 Strovolos(Salsa ladies styling)
Thursday 20.30-22.00 Strovolos (Advanced)
Thursday 20.00-21.30 Makedonitissa (Beginners)
Friday 18.45-20.15 Strovolos (Elementary)
Friday 19.00-20.30 Nicosia ( Advanced)performance group from November
Saturday 16.00-17.00 Strovolos (Ballroom-Latin ladies) ALL LEVELS

Greek dances (Hasapiko,Zeibekiko,Syrtaki,…)
Monday 18.40-20.30 Nicosia (Advanced)
Monday 19.00-20.30 Strovolos(Beginners)
Monday 20.30-22.00 Strovolos (Intermediate)
Tuesday 19.40-21.30 Strovolos (Advanced)
Tuesday 20.00-21.30 Makedonitissa (Beginners)
Thursday 19.00-20.30 Latsia (Intermediate)
Thursday 20.30-22.00 Strovolos (Beginners)
Friday 19.00-20.30 Strovolos(Improvers-Elementary)

Monday 19.40-20.30 Nicosia (Advanced)
Monday 19.45-20.30 Strovolos (Beginners)
Monday 21.15-22.00 Strovolos (Intermediate)
Tuesday 19.40-20.30 Strovolos (Intermediate)
Tuesday 20.40-21.30 Strovolos (Advanced)
Tuesday 20.45-21.30 Makedonitissa(Beginners)
Thursday 18.45-19.35 Strovolos (Elementary)
Thursday 19.40-20.30 Strovolos (Advanced)
Thursday 19.40-20.30 Latsia (Intermediate)
Thursday 21.15-22.00 Strovolos(Beginners)
Friday 19.45-20.30 Strovolos(Improvers-Elementary)

Belly Dance
Tuesday 17.40-18.30 Strovolos(Belly kids 8 years and up)
Wednesday 18.40-19.30 Strovolos (Beginners)
Wednesday 19.00-19.50 Strovolos (Intermediate)
Wednesday 19.35-20.25 Strovolos (Advanced)

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