Shakallis Dance School organises throughout the year various events and trips of educational and entertainment nature.
Trips Abroad
Shakallis Dance School organises regular trips to international dance events. Everyone is welcomed !



These are organized by the school and have both an educational and entertainment character. The students participate freely at these parties cultivating further the dance skills and artistic talent that they have gained from the school and its various departments. Here they exchange experience dancing and mingling with the other students outside of class restrictions.

End of year performance

The end of year show is the school's biggest performance. It is organized every year with the graduation of students and it completes the school's entire years' work. The show is open to the public and special interest is shown to attend it.


Dance groups of students from the school participate in cultural shows that are organized by municipalities, civil organizations and the ministry of education. Artistic shows are also given on television programs in which the school is often invited. These shows contain dancing routines and drama.

International Exams

In the various departments of the school, the students are prepared for exams of international standards. The participation of the students in the exams is optional. The following examination boards are represented:

  • IDTA -International Dance Teachers' Association (Latin, Ballroom dance)
  • ISTD -Imperial Society of teachers of Dancing (Ballet, Modem Dance, Jazz)
  • SDS -Spanish Dance Society (Flamenco)



The school maintains good relationships with well recognised schools abroad. Apart from the regular programmed lessons, we offer a short series of specialized lessons in the form of seminars in which the teachers are foreign distinguished instructors. Some of the dance teachers which have given seminars at our school are:

  • Marc Precious: Ballroom, Latin (1996)
  • Mariella Carretero: Flamenco (1997)
  • Rio: Salsa (2000)
  • Homero Gonzalez: Salsa (2001)
  • Leonardo Gomez: Argentine Tango (2002)
  • Alex Da Silva: Salsa (2003)
  • Alex & Anna (2010)

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