The Refugee Folklore Group "I ADOULOTI" Shakalli was formed in 1975 and was registered as a Club in 1977. The idea for its formation belongs to the dance-teacher and choreographer Mikis Shakallis. 

The Club came to life under very difficult times, the first year after the Turkish invasion of Cyprus. It was when some young refugees, mainly from the Kyrenia district, met again in the free part of Cyprus and decided to keep alive and nurture the memory of their occupied homeland. The temporary headquarters of the Club are situated in Nicosia. The first two appearances of this group were for charitable purposes organised by the Red Cross Society for covering the great needs of the Cyprus refugees. Later on, more young dancers joined the group. The dancers not only came from various parts of occupied Cyprus, like Lapithos, Karavas, Katokopia, Avlona, Filia, Vouno, Skylloura, Famagusta etc. but also from the free territories of Cyprus. These people also share the dream of returning to the homeland. All these young people number more than 200 including dancers, musicians and other artists. During the Annual General Meeting of the Club on 11.10.1980, a resolution was taken to elect Mr Stelios Katsellis, ex minister of Education, as the Honorary President of the Club. Today, the Club is a member of I.O.F.A (International Organisation of Folklore Art) registered in Austria.


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