Main Performances & Appearances


Main Performances/Appearances

Since its establishment in 1975, the Club has given more than 850 performances in Cyprus and abroad and received favourable comments from the press for its professionalism and dedication towards the maintenance of the folkloric dances and customs of Cyprus.


Appearances in Cyprus

The Club has taken part in performances for the Cyprus Red Cross Society, for the benefit of the Refugees' Trust Fund, the Archbishop Makarios Ill Scholarship Fund, the Fund for the establishment of the first University of Cyprus and for the Fund of the School of the Blind. The members of the club have entertained thousands of soldiers of the National Guard, patients of cancer, blind students, children with special needs, elderly people as well as residents of the asylum for the insane. The group has also given many performances, among others, at the Cyprus International State Fair and the Festivals of Nicosia, Limassol, Ayia Napa, Paralimni, Larnaca, Ormidia, Oroklini, Lefkara, Polemi, the Wine Festival and other local festivals. It has also performed for foreign delegations visiting Cyprus, official guests of the Government as well as foreign delegates of various conferences.


Appearances abroad

The Club has successfully taken part in many foreign International Festivals, the most important of which are: Ohrid, Yugoslavia - 1978, 1979, Lefkas, Greece - 1980, 1984, Burgas, Bulgaria - 1980, Birmingham, UK - 1982, 1990, Dijon, France - 1986, North Carolina, USA - 1988, Pyrenees, Oloron France - 1992, Portugalette, Spain - 1992, Herodion Theatre, Athens, Greece - 1995, Mondia de Drummondville, Canada - 1996, Festival du Monde Martigue -1997. A landmark in the history of the Club is the promotion of the Cyprus culture in China, where it participated as the cultural mission during the official visit of the President of the Republic of Cyprus in Beijing. The Club has also made a tremendous contribution towards maintaining the bonds which exist between Cypriot emigrants and their homeland, by giving performances in countries where thousands of Greek and Cypriot emigrants reside like Canada, the United States, South Africa and many more. At the same time, the Club has honoured Cyprus with its appearances in various countries of the world like Canada, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Switzerland, Austria, United Kingdom, United States, France, Greece, Dubai, Bahrain, South Africa and Libya. It has also participated in Cypriot Nights organised from time to time by the Cyprus Tourism Organisation overseas.


Television Appearances

Due to their professionalism and faultless appearance, the Club participated in a number of Cypriot television shows and productions, the first of which being the CyBC's production of "Vouno mou Pentadaktyle" in 1976-77. The Club has had many more television appearances, both in Cyprus and abroad.


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