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Maro Shakalli
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Christos Shakallis

Christos Shakallis was born in 1972, in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Grew up in an environment of dancing his mother and father put him in dancing art. After graduating School in 1989 and completing his military service in 1991 Christos followed his passion when he decided to study dance. He received his Performing Art Diploma when he graduated in 1993 from the London Studio Center. After the completion of his diploma Christos continues his studies in dancing to this day, and is now an Instructor de Baile 2 of the Spanish Dance Society (SDS), a fellow in Latin & Freestyle branch of the International Dance Teachers association (IDTA) and among a few who hold the salsa dance diploma (IDTA).

In 1995 Christos joined the family business as a teacher at the "Shakallis School of Dance" and gradually became a choreographer of numerous performances in local festivals, TV dance performances and school shows. Since 2000, he undertook the role of the General Manager of the School and expanded even the suburbs of Nicosia, introducing at the same time other activities such as weekly dance parties (the biggest Latin parties in Cyprus). He teaches Latin, Freestyle, Greek, club dance, Flamenco and Cyprus traditional dance at various levels.

For the past 10 years he has been the official Choreographer and teacher at the institutes of the University of Cyprus, Cyprus College, Intercollege and Cyprus Police Academy after being offered the position and with great success. Their dance groups give at the least two performances each year while such of these represent Cyprus in Festivals abroad under his supervision.

His awards, achievements and performances are many. Among others, he came first in Latin American Dances in Athens in 1995, he performed twice at the Salsa UK Congress in 2004 and 2005 respectively. He also performed at the World Congress on Dance Research in 2005, he was the judge at TV talent shows and national dance competitions and last but not least he performed at the Eurovision Song contest in 2008 representing Cyprus. Christos counts many performances with the folkloric group "Adouloti Shakalli" all over the including the USA, Canada, China, South Africa and Europe. He has also appeared on TV both locally and internationally on channels like the BBC, Canadian TV, Spanish TV and Greek TV just to name a few.

Christos is the founder and an active member of "Salsa Cyprus" who introduced the Cyprus salsa Congress and the 6th event will take place in 2011. He is a member of the Pancyprian Association of Dance Teachers and currently the Vice-Chairperson and formerly President of the IDTA Cyprus branch. He is also a member of the committee of the Cyprus federation of social and sport dance (C.F.S.S.D).

Elena Pambori Shakalli

Elena Shakalli has been dancing since the age of three as she comes from a family of dancers.

The first dance school of her parents opened in 1975 one of the oldest in the capital. Today, it has expanded with many branches in the whole town. Since her parents were and still are in profession she had the privilege to get to know many and different styles of dancing. Traveling since childhood ,she participated in Worldwide folklore festivals and by learning the traditional dances of her culture she felt that dancing is a unique part in her life to express  her creativity and feelings. Something that helped her a lot is her music studies (piano) for many years at a very young age. This knowledge enabled her become more creative, emotional and combine music with dance especially when creating choreographies and more simply when performing a dance.Elena learned all disciplines of dancing that were taught at her parents’ school from Cypriot, Greek, Popular, American Latin-Ballroom as well as  Ballet and Modern in other schools in Cyprus.  Having graduated from high school  she continued her studies in Greece and England. There she followed professional studies in Ballet –Modern-Jazz-Contemporary-Latin- Ballroom-Flamenco-Jazz-Argentine tango-Belly dance.

She has participated in many Latin Competitions with her brother where they also won the 1rst prize in Amateur Latin in Greece in 1995. She participated in many shows in Cyprus and abroad, also on television ,theatre and theme shows for different events and she has also choreographed in Private Theatres as well as in the National Theatre. She has also been for more than 10 years an instructor and choreographer in the University of Cyprus. She has  judged in many dancing competitions in Cyprus and abroad.  She is a member of the International organizations  IDTA,ISTD, SDBE where she  holds all the necessary diplomas as a dance teacher. She is also a member of PA.SY.KA.XO and the CYPRUS  FEDERATION  OF SOCIAL AND SPORT DANCE in Cyprus.

She has had special studies in Belly Dance the last 10 years where she has also written the syllabus and DVD for the International Organization IDTA. Now she is preparing her 2nd DVD, the syllabus and instructions for teachers who want to gain the teachers’ diploma in the specific style of dance for the International Organization IDTA. She has choreographed for many contests as well as for Eurovision song contests throughout the years and  she was the choreographer for the Cyprus Eurovision participation  with the  song “Femme Fatale” in Serbia 2008.

She participated in different TV commercials and also in photo shootings for various magazines something she has as a hobby. Her deepest love is to choreograph; at the age of 7 she established her first choreographies .Until now she has created more than 500 choreographies in all kinds of dancing.

Dancing is her life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

George Odysseos
George began dancing lessons at the age of 5. He has been with Shakallis Schools of Dance for 3 decades and has been following nearly all disciplines of dance since then. Although his professional path is on Business-Management & Marketing, dancing is his true passion! He is on the IDTA examination system for both Ballroom & Latin-American. George is a committee member and dancer of “Adouloti” Folkloric Group and has participated in various festivals in Cyprus and abroad. He is also a member of the School’s professional Greek & Latin Dance Group having performed in numerous TV shows, festivals and other public performances. He is part of, the organising team for the Cyprus Salsa Congress, since its formulation in 2005. Having been trained by his teacher Mikis Shakallis, George currently teaches Zeimpekiko classes at the school.
Sofia Arnaouti
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Styliana Aristidou

Styliana was born in Nicosia where she started ballet and modern lessons at the age of 5. She attended many seminars with great success.  At the age of 18 she passes the exams for entering the higher school for professional dance in Greece under the administration of Anna Petrova. After graduating with honors, she participated in many performances in Greece and Cyprus and cooperated with many great choreographers. Right now she is a dance instructor.

Elena Papandreou
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Andri Stylanou
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